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A Sequel/Reboot that doesn’t let you forget it

The Scream franchise is one of the most iconic in the slasher genre, but with its fifth movie much like the rest of the sequels comes nowhere close to the original.

The Movie’s biggest problem is the constant references and social commentary on how sequels never are as good as the original and mentioning how we have all the original characters. So there are a lot of scenes that don't move the story along.

Scream tries to be a who-done-it murder/mystery but because there is never any character building you end up not caring who the killer is and are just waiting for the movie to finish.

Usually, one performance from an actor/actress stands out but in this movie, there was not one character that you felt had any emotional connection as none of them had any redeeming qualities to them.

The movie does have some qualities that make it an enjoyable watch for fans of the slasher genre. For example, there is plenty of screen time and action from Ghostface.

They used Ghostface so much that you never felt any tension because there was a high chance that he was going to show up in every intense scene.

The other aspect of the movie that is enjoyable is the cinematography with all the classic slasher camera movements all used to respect the other great slasher franchises.

But even with a couple of qualities of the movie that were decent, nothing is good enough to make you not want to remember the movie when the credits roll.

Scream (2022) has nothing new or original to offer putting it with the other 90% of slasher sequels that try to reboot or continue only to keep giving audiences false hope, but Hollywood will continue to greenlight every single one.

Rating: 3/10

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