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The Night House - Rebecca Hall makes her case for this year's Oscars?

“Night House” directed by David Bruckner and starring Rebecca Hall is a mind bending thriller that will leave you debating the end for days, by making you question every aspect of the story.

The movie follows Beth (Hall) who’s husband (Evan Jonikeit) has just committed suicide and finds that she discovers that her life partner had many hidden secrets she never knew about.

One of the best parts of the movie was the way the sound design team in some scenes opted to cut the score from the background which added a lot of tension to the scenes and made the score pop more when they did use it.

Also, the way that cinematographer Elisha Christian shot the movie made you constantly keep an eye on the background. Also the way that the set designer placed some shelves and poles that made you be able to see invisible heads throughout the whole movie.

But the main reason that all of the above work is because of one person: Rebecca Hall! In a movie that one person has practically all the screen time it can sometimes take a dip in quality in lesser hands, yet Hall commands the screen in this movie with just an exquisite performance that will hopefully get her some Oscar recognition.

Without her, the movie just would not have worked as well as it did. You really could not tell what she was going to do next, so some scenes kept you guessing the whole time.

One thing I wished we got was some building of the relationship between Beth and Owen but that is just something kind of personal that I would have liked to have seen, but it did not take anything from the movie.

All in all the movie is absolutely fantastic and though movies like these don’t get a lot of Oscar attention I hope Hall will get some votes for best actress. Definitely the best thriller of the year so far. Rating:9/10

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